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Of the wonders of the "pain" in the Qur'an

اذهب الى الأسفل

Of the wonders of the "pain" in the Qur'an

مُساهمة من طرف محمدابوليزيدصالح الشرقاوى في الجمعة مارس 01, 2013 3:13 pm

Of the wonders of the "pain" in the Qur'an
Will live with one of the great signs of the Almighty God. This verse is reflected in the language of this era (the language of numbers). The Koran came down to be a book of guidance, light and healing for each of the blessings of God Almighty Lord and Islam as a religion and the Holy Imam, Muhammad, peace be upon him a prophet and messenger .....

But whenever the development of science emerged new miracles this great book in which he said Mr. humans, peace be upon him: (wonders do not cease) and these many digital phenomena just one of the wonders on display in the twenty-first century. An era in which we might call the era of digital technology, where he became the attendance numbers in most of the things around us: communications, digital - digital computers - and satellites and many more .. Whole principle of work depends on the language of numbers and digital systems.

When Allah Almighty bless this Qur'an pledged saved to the Day of Judgment the Almighty said: (I mentioned we went to him and I privates) [Stone: 9]. Since God Almighty has promised to save this book is a must to have the evidence was filed and indications prove that the Koran does not distort. Also addressed the Almighty God of mankind and the jinn said: (Say While met mankind and the jinn to produce the like of this Qur'an, they could not produce the like thereof, even if they for some helpers) [Isra: 88].

This verse where a challenge to all people to produce the like of this Qur'an, and in order to prove to us the Qur'an on the impossibility bring his ideals, the Almighty God has arranged his words and letters based digital Badi can not for a human to come parable, and the language of numbers is the best language to signify this perfect system. After a long study of the verses of the Quran shows that there is a miracle based on the number (7) and there is the importance of this figure in the universe and in the Koran and in the science and in the traditions of the Prophet, peace be upon him.

The figure (7) has connotations many, God, the Almighty, who created the seven heavens, repeat mention of these seven heavens in his book (7) times, ie, if we looked at the Koran words (seven heavens) and the words (seven heavens) note that it was repeated exactly seven times! Here we must ask ourselves what it means to find in a book that is repeated seven heavens, the number of these heavens? It means one thing: that the creator of these seven heavens, is the home of the Quran.

Before I explain to you a wonderful examples in the digital trunks of the Koran and based on the number (7) must be to ask the question as long as repeated by many readers and some scientists, which is:

What is the use of numerical miracle or digital?

I say Dear beloved that any miracle manifested in the Quran must be from behind a big goal because the Almighty God does not put anything in the book in vain, but come down all the knowledge and wisdom and purpose. Since we live in this age (numbers) and ERA (atheism) also, the presence of this language in the Koran is very useful for dialogue non-believers, or non-Muslims.

We problem with non-Muslims that they do not recognize the Holy book of God, the Almighty, and when we extract these wonders deposited by God in his book and show the West and rhetoric in which Atguenunha well Atguenunha most of us, this would be evidence and proof very strong on the sincerity of this book, and the true message of Islam, and hopes that this will be a miracle and a way to correct the idea of ​​non-Muslims about Islam, this religion is a religion of science, and that the Qur'an is a book also aware and not a book (mythology), as some claim.

Research Methodology

Numerical miracle of Seven's very simple, and depends on the number of letters and words in the Quran. Almighty God revealed the Quran said about himself: (There is nothing like Him) [Shura: 11]. Also, the word of God, the Almighty does not like him any words from the words of humans. If what we have after the words of the Koran, and characters from these verses and Tamlnaha well note that consistent Sbaaa a wonderful testimony to the greatness of this holy book. The approach that we adopt in this research is based on counting characters as painted in the Koran.

Character written in the book of God Almighty we are preparing characters, and character that has not written not think whether or not the word pronounced. In this way, of course, constant research in all numerical miracle. Also, waw (F kindness) will prepare stand-alone word, because this word written separate from what came before and what then, so we are preparing word and, of course, this approach is constant in all research.


One of the things that are a mystery in the Qur'an, and as long as skeptics tried to criticize the Koran saying: that the Koran contains letters have no meaning, or they say: It's talismans are meaningless. After a long study of these characters (sliced ​​characters) like (pain - Waller) show beyond any doubt that the Almighty God systems repeat these characters in the book in a precise system is based on the number (7).

If we have after these characters will find that the number (14) characters, even if we will find a number of editorials (14) editorial. This number is a multiple of (7), God Almighty put at the forefront of twenty-nine Surat letters cut, these characters including the repeated, and some are not repeated, if we look at these editorials except refined find number fourteen editorial and this number is a multiple of seven, and these editorials are respectively: (pain) (health) (Waller) (Murr) (Khaas) (Taha) (طسم) (Tts) (Yassin) (r) (Ham) (Ham Asag) (s) (n ).

If we after characters involved in the installation of these editorials will find that the number of these characters also (14) and these characters are: Alpha and rallying and M and antibiotic and Ra, Kef and distraction and the Omega, Al Ain and Tae and Seine ha and gathered and Noon. If there is consistency SBA between number chopped editorials, and the number of characters cut, and came number (14) is a multiple of (7).

Example shows numerical precision in the distribution of these characters

Let's start with the first opening cut in the Qur'an, namely, (pain). If we fence, which begins with (pain) we see that in the Qur'an there are six start this wall opening (pain). The Almighty God Repeat these characters to great wisdom, did not come repeating characters (pain) in the Qur'an in six fence in vain but came to great wisdom, we We have six Sur begin with (pain) This wall is: Cow - Imran - Spider - Roman - Lukman - prostration.

We said that we have twenty-nine Surat start unjoined letters: Sura is the first Sura, Sura pen is the last sura. This wall if we digitized serial numbers from number 1 to 29 to have the order of those railings that begin with (pain) as follows: cow numbered 1 - Imran numbered 2 - Spider numbered 15 - Roman numbered 16 - Luqman numbered 17 - Sajda numbered 18.

The approach we adopt is always in the treatment of these numbers to extract miracle numerical is to write these numbers as they are without collecting these numbers or put them in conducting any mathematical process, just write the numbers and read the total number, and note in this case that may constitute our number ten ranking , and this number is represented by numbers fence that begin with (pain) If we read this number from left to right we have: 1,817,161,521 and the number of class ppb or category one billion means a huge number, this number when Anaaljh mathematically note that multiples of (7) I mean, if we divided this number (7) we find that the resulting number is an integer no breaks, try it yourself!!

If the number that represents the numbers of these fence six that begin with (pain) is a huge number of ranking thousand million divisible by (7) completely without any breaks, even if we take the output of this process also note that divided the (7) for a second time, If we take also note that product is divided on (7) for the third time that we have a mathematical operations related court and the order of these numbers fence six.

Long series of the Altanasqat Seven

Hundreds Altanasqat manifested in these three characters (pain). There fence revealed in Mecca and the wall fell in the city and we know that the Qur'an him what was revealed in Mecca and from what was revealed in the city, and here also note that the consistency remains constant in the sequence of this wall, we are talking about the sequence of the fence cut in the Koran which 29 Surat begin Surat cow and ends Surat Pen.

Fence, which begins with (pain), which landed in the city are:

- Sura and landed in the city and arranged between the fence animate الفواتح is 1

- Sura and landed in the city and arranged between the fence animate الفواتح is 2

These two verses when Ndmanma each formed our number is: 21 This is a multiple of (7).

Defensive remaining four also which landed in Mecca: the spider and rum and Lukman and prostration, this fence if we take their numbers by sequencing in the wall that begins with the letters cut note that: Spider numbered 15 and Roman numbered 16 and Luqman numbered 17 and prostration and number 18 and when we row these figures note that we have a new number consisting of eight mattress is 18171615 which is a multiple of (7) Also, make sure that athletes!

If we think about the numbers of verses of every sura, we when we left the names of the fence six that begin with (pain) and write the number of verses of every sura see what follows: Sura number of verses 286 Sura number of verses 200 Spider: 69 verse Romans: 60 verse Luqman: 34 verse Sajdah: 30 verse. When we row these numbers as they are, we find a number of multiples (7) Also, try it yourself!.

Indeed, even when individual collect these numbers mean: 6 +8 +2 +0 +0 +2 +9 + ..... Thus we find that the total number of which is, as we said numbers Signs Wall (are) Forty-nine and this number is equal to 7 × 7. Make sure of that?

Now, if we take the first Sura begin with (pain), Sura says the Almighty: (books no doubt a guidance for the righteous) [Baqarah: 2]. If we take another Surat begin with (pain), Sura Sajda see in the forefront: (download books no doubt from the Lord of the Alamin) [Sajdah: 2].

When we take all of these words the content of the letters (pain) when we express every word number represents the content of the letters Alpha and Lam Meem find in the verse: (That book is no doubt a guidance for the righteous):

: See where letters (pain) character: lam: take the number 1

Books: see the letters (pain): Alpha and Lam take the number 2

No: we find a thousand and lam: 2 also.

Reap: where there is no letter of (pain) and take ID: 0

Thus, when we row these figures we see that the number representing distributed letters (pain) in the verse: (That book is no doubt, a guidance for the righteous) is the number consists of eight mattresses and divisible (7) without staying any of multiples (7 ).

When we turn to the last verse of any: Last Surat began with (pain) Almighty says in the forefront: (download the book no doubt from the Lord of the Worlds) When do the same job, any take of each word content of the letters (pain) also see a number of multiples (7). Of course, these figures are just introductions, in this fence that start with six (pain), there are hundreds of numerical Altanasqat based on this figure, we ask God to help us this science.

By Abdul Permanent Kaheel
- Quran, Hafs from Asim (Koran of Medina).
- Concordance words of the Koran - Mohammed Fouad Abdul Baqi, Dar Al-Fikr, Beirut.
- إشراقات number seven, Abdul Permanent Kaheel, the version of the Dubai International Holy Quran, Dubai 2006.
- Miracle In the name of God the Merciful, Abdul Permanent Kaheel, Radwan House - Aleppo 2006.
- Miracles fiction, Abdul Permanent Kaheel, Radwan, Aleppo, 2005.


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